Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Call for works: latvian summercamp against machinic standards

June 5 – 11, 2006, The Residency Center for Artists in Aizpute, Latvia
“Artists against technology standards” is a collaboration project uniting media artists, activists, engineers and curators from Baltic States, North Europe and Russia.
The main idea of the summer camp – artistic and creative expressions, hidden in the internal feelings and
based on the skills developed in the specific life experience of the Soviet period. The keynote of the summer camp is the
creative phenomenon of the soviet man – the particular ability to realise the ideas with limited technical resources,
discover different use of the everyday goods and make unusual objects for practical application.
We invite media artists, scientists, engineers and practitioners from post-socialism and North-Europe region countries to apply for leading workshops, participation in workshops and/or presentations until 31st of March 2006.''
.. say Sergey Teterin, Signe Pucena and Agnese Rucina, the organizers.

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