Monday, February 27, 2006

Chris's EEG apps

"BrainBay is an OpenSource neurofeedback application, designed to work with the OpenEEG-Hardware ModularEEG and the NeuroServer Software Framework. BrainBay is a part of the OpenEEG project with main focuses on graphical and musical feedback and the development of feedback-games..."
This contribution to the OpenEEG project by Chris Veigl is just so much more sophisticated than the "waverider" we used to use in the 90s for our EEG-music performances ...
Chris has also developed tools for people with special needs, like the mousecap, a sensor cap to move the PC's cursor.

Mousecap has been discarded by Chris though, because a camera-based image-recognition solution is way more comfortable.
here are some fotos of yesterday's visit at Chris's lab.

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