Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SMS-Bots 2006

the SMS bot project, which won last year's ACRA in the conversation-category, has become a cooperation between inventor sergey teterin and SHIFZ already last year in the run-up to roboexotica, when we trained a bot for cocktail conversation in an online collaboration. (at this point i have to admit we didn't manage to actually make it SMS messages, so, alas in vienna it was still a pc-based solution)
this year we want to improve the cocktail-conversation-bot's capabilities and maybe come up with a seperate german and english version.
but just as well we want to use this fun technology to create a different personality - probably also with a special field of "knowledge" - to be let loose earlier in the year = issue it a telephone number anybody can send an SMS to and get a reply from.
at the moment the purpose/character/focus of the second bot is still to be defined. it is planned to ponder ideas for a while and set up the new bot in april, which will allow for about 2 months of training with a public presentation and launch before summer.

if you're interested in becoming a trainer of SMS-bots don't hesitate to contact me. you can also get some advance information on sms-bot training here, and general information on the project here.

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