Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mind-controlled Asimo

Researchers from Honda are pimping Asimo with a brain wave receiver to remote control the guy.

"Their research, along with ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, uses MRI images of a brain to move the fingers on a robotic hand."
Prospector (RobotGossip) goes on: "Asimo watched the demonstration video silently. He was later seen puzzling over how to make that V shape with his fingers.
He liked the idea of communicating telepathically with humans and is looking forward to listening to human thoughts but hoped that the interface would be full duplex. He would like to be able to train the humans properly."

... and a sober statement from Honda says, it's going to take at least another five or 10 years (what?! SHIFZ can do that faster!) before Asimo starts moving according to our mental orders.

Update: This is a foto of the hand that was remotecontrolled, making the V-sign, that so puzzled Asimo.

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