Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Robot Worm to replace endoscopes

A new approach to taking a look into guts, beyond ye olde dreaded endoscope and even camera pills, is being devised by european researchers, who are trying to mimick the movements of the paddleworm, an undersea worm.
NewScientist quotes Andrew Gardner, an independent medical imaging expert at University College London: "Capsules can show you places nothing else can, but you can't stop or slow down when you get to a point of interest.
Being able to have some control, perhaps even to turn around and go to look in a crevice that would otherwise be missed, would be very valuable."

BUT: "If something this complicated goes wrong, it could be very hard to get out."
There's also videos - one shows an early prototype crawling through a section of pig gut, the other a recent version of the robot in a researcher's hand.


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