Monday, July 31, 2006

AvantGaming at Metalab

AvantGaming is a made-up word describing all kinds of (innovative) games beyond quake and the likes.
Translated from the german-lang'd page, these are the cornerstones of Avant Gaming:
Reality gaming - via GPS, WiFi, mobile-phone etc. players are networking in an urban environment.
Augmented reality - Real and virtual elements are joined, e.g. using virtual avatars playing on a real table or vice versa.
Immersive/interactive web gaming - Web-adventures, which are not declared games and are played via browser, search-engine, e-mail, chat(bots), etc. recently used for marketing purposes.
Alternative Inputs - GPS-coordinates, neurofeedback, speech, webcam, treadmill, etc.
Alternative Outputs - electric shocks, text messages, etc.

Coming thursday, Aug. 3rd Next thursday, Aug. 10th, metalab invite the public in the framework of their periodical OpenLab to join their first regular meeting on Avant Gaming, Retrogaming and Gaming Culture.

The fun begins at 7p.m. at metalab's Vienna headquarters.

Update: Avant Gaming event has been rescheduled one week in favor of the presentation of Australian musician Jamison Young's charity-project "hungry artists feed hungry people".

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