Saturday, July 15, 2006

Chemo-Bar: Guinea Pigs, Get Ready!

According to Chris's communication with Erik Hobijn, we can expect the Chemo-Bar to hand out test tubes and vials to those willing to sacrifice their sobriety for art's sake, at this year's ROBOEXOTICA.

Hobijn, also known for the infamous Dante Organ, first crossed our paths at 1996 Labyrinth Festival in Copenhagen, where he showed the

From the Chemo-Bar's concept: "In contradiction [to]the bars made by Karel Appel and Kienholts (both at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Chemo Bar is not an art statement in the poetic sense nor a representation of reality. The Chemo-Bar has all the real stuff and ingredients to fulfil its function as a regular bar, you get a drink and you get drunk. It is a laboratory, not in the theoretical sense, but in reality. We serve smoking cocktails in test-tubes, testing the drinks and the public. A happy Guinnypig is our joy. The installation is full of laboratory glass filled with the different juices and other consumables liquids. Different distilling installations are taking place there on the spot and the cocktail test tubes are served with a help of the table that turns to the people sitting around it. ..."

Fotos, Isometric View.

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