Thursday, August 24, 2006

Featured Cocktailrobots: Gingerbread-Robots

Alright, I concede those are not robots in the strict sense. And they do not produce any cocktails.

Still ... let's assume they have proven their cocktailrobotickiness by animating the hordes of visitors to ROBĂ–XOTICA 2002 to ordering and consuming a lot of drinks, following the bot's example.
Quite a few have also been devoured on the spot and therefore served as cocktail snacks.

The gingerbread figurines themselves were sponsored by Vienna bakery Schrott while the sugar-painting was done by Tina Muliar.

Though no longer edible, some of the few surviving specimen have been put to use as ACRA-trophies in the following year for their popularity as a collector's item.

2004, three of the original 300 gingerbread-robots have been wired and chip'd and mounted on a board to form a durable gang of drink-inspiring blinky Cocktailrobots.

More Fotos.

Update: Video from ROBOEXOTICA 2005.

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