Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Freudbot Beta

While the software to handle the Vienna-located telephone number of our Freudbot still has to be finished, Sergey Teterin, russian SMS-bot inventor, has hooked up Freudbot with his local Perm SMS-service!
We're still talking about a bot in development, e.g. at the moment Freudbot has only one answer to "Hi", while he should use a couple variations - the database has to be cleaned up before he's going to recognize them (again).
Also the overall-vocabulary is still growing, but a number of users have had interesting conversations so far via the web-interface, so why not let you try the real thing too?
Momentarily you have to start your text-message to Freudbot with the sequence "123" and then enter the text of your message. This opening sequence will also be unnecessary soon. Opening sequence is no longer necessary.
Here's "his" number: 0079 2264 22022

So for the benefit of your sanity, drop him a line and he'll get back to you!

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