Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Freudbot vs. Freudbot

Why didn't I google Freudbot earlier?
Today I came across another bot dubbed Freudbot, who's main field of operation - in contrast to our Vienna Freudbot who is text-messaging his clients on their telephones - is the interwebs exclusively.
It seems to be based on an Alice-like bot-platform (unlike Sergey Teterin's SMS-Bots, which are not based on a given vocabulary but rather expands his knowledge from zero through conversation - which makes training them nothing less than an art).

The bot, developed by The Centre for Psychology at Athabasca University, takes advantage of the multimedial medium internet by featuring animated mouth-movements on a photorealistic representation of the famed Doctor.
That's something that just won't work in a text-message I'm afraid.

Choose yourself: Talk online to american Freudbot or send a textmessage to the telephone-number 0079 2264 22022 for Vienna Freudbot.

Update: OMG, hilarious! A real dialog between the two Freudbots, facilitated by Sergey Teterin.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the conversation, though it tends to go around in circles. I'd pick the Vienna Freudbot in a fight any day.