Saturday, August 12, 2006

WerkzeugH and Rolling Snail

Starting last Thursday, WerkzeugH is open to the public as a kind of architecture-in-progress site.
Manfred Wuits, who has been looking for the right spot for about a year, to house a meeting place featuring food and drink combined with office-workshop-studio spaces for art and architecture projects.
The spot he found in 5th district of Vienna is quite spacious, occupying the whole ground floor of the building at the corner of Schönbrunnerstr. and Zentagasse Grohgasse (which becomes Zentagasse across Margarethenstr.), including the nice outdoor space in front, which even features trees amidst the cement.

With the rolling snail acting as a bar, this cement garden will be the scene of "Picnic at Huber's" during summer, referring to Werkzeug Huber, which used to be the business occupying the premises.

Coinciding with the official opening in Sept. will be the participation in the paraflows netculture-event 9th-16th Sept.

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