Friday, September 22, 2006

Make:ing a drawing "robot"

Some people are getting really excited about drawing robots, lately.

As someone who had the opportunity to play around with an office-plotter aged 16, when I did a month-long boring internship in the IT-dept. of the company that built Vienna's General Hospital, I am not quite impressed ...
... with a "robot" that consists of a software which converts photos into drawings and a DIY flat-bed plotter. (x)

Or maybe it's just I don't like to call it a robot, after all I remember how fun it was to let the above-mentioned plotter work for hours on an A0-sized drawing composed of random-size and -color triangles, squares and circles.

I still have part of that drawing, which I used to paint over in the beginning 90s. Only a part, because it got ripped when I showed it 95.

(x) the described drawbot project was inspired by the article on the scribbler bot in MAKE:07 magazine, which is available at the SHIFZ a(mazon)Store in the sidebar.

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