Saturday, September 09, 2006

Paraflows: First Impressions

I picked WerkzeugH as the one of seven locations opening paraflows where I would attend the opening ceremony ...
Among other works I found Stefan Nussbaumer's sewing machine waiting for BYO material to sew into an evolving structure (Coordinated Sewing Machine for Mapping, Analyzing and Transforming social Groupings of interactive Systems together with eSeL, Jörg Piringer and others) and Man OS a shortfilm running on a giant "Mac"-Monitor.
Video of opening speech for CsMFMAATSGOIS (german): Link.

To be continued with reports of the opening at Kunsthalle tonight, Prototyping LQD-7 - which is showing at the VEKKS - and when I think of bringing some of my paper-"netart"-structures to be sewn into CsMFMAATSGOIS.

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Anonymous said...

hey! magnus,

thanks a bunch for adding this post. it's been a pleasure having you as guest at CsMFMAATSGOIS. You're linked now ... ;)

hasta luego, stefan