Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cocktailrobotic Overview

I started this far from complete cocktailrobotic overview this week, listing the cocktailrobots which's information was readily available and/or have previously shown at ROBOEXOTICA.
Although not every one that showed at ROBOEXOTICA is listed: For example David Calkins' Chapok (which I haven't seen working so far, the servos failed 2005 - hope to at this year's ROBOE').
Actually the only bot on the list I haven't seen in real life is Ernie, I only know him from the video his builder-company sent.
Cynthia, who is listed, counts as "seen" although that was after her active career.

Several others that have shown at ROBOEXOTICA are not yet in the compilation.
Also not listed yet: barmonkey and it's spin-offs and several other automated bar projects.
I hope to add to the list occasionally, simultaneously working on a timelined listing or history of cocktailrobotics.

Talking of lists ... here's a link to our attempt to remember who won the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards throughout all those years: ACRA-winners.

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