Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Suicidebots by Simone Davalos

Not to be confused with Suicidegirls, the robotics-blog Suicidebots by Simone Davalos goes with the motto "Hot Bot on Bot Action", which can partly be explained by her involvement with ComBots, the fighting robot competition.

"We are interested in robots, robots, fire, robots and stress relief through power tools. Suicidebots.com strives to bring you the best and freshest in robot excitement, brought to you in a mildly amusing anodized-pink package."
(via Laughing Squid)

Simone, who is affiliated with David Calkins (Robogames-founder and ROBOEXOTICA 2005 participant) is anticipated to attend this year's ROBOEXOTICA to dust off one of those Annual Cocktail Robot Awards, one of which David brought home last year.

Rumors about her robot serving drinks flambé are as concrete as a name being provided ... El Espanol Borracho.

(Also not to be confused with Suicybie by nurschrec!, please.)

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