Friday, November 10, 2006

ROBOEXOTICA 2006 Details Emerging

On Suicide Bots I caught an article on Dorkbot SF in which Simone describes her El Espanol Borracho:
(Foto by Karen Marcelo)
"Myself and Mr. Robotics are going to Vienna for the Roboexotica cocktail robot convention in three weeks, and the wee beastie you see in the photo above is my project - El Espanol Borracho! ...
Yes Friends, The Suicidebots Special Spanish Coffee will be a no doubt potent mixture of 151 proof rum and coffee liqueur, served flaming, with a dollop of whipped cream offered by my Lovely Assistant ™ and Intrepid Girl Reporter Violet Blue.
The whipped cream deployment will probably end up having very little to do with the actual beverage but one does like to offer the option.
The whole thing will be mounted on a custom built and re-purposed Hockey Bot chassis. The Hockey Bots will be a feature at RoboGames 2007, but for now we have assembled one of their number to serve as the Suicide Spanish Chariot. We will add bells and whistles time and innovation permitting.

... The guys from Museumsquartier will definitely "love" the idea of a moving flamethrower and I think I have picked the bot I'm looking forward to seeing the mostest.

In other news Johannes announced the participation of some 50 students from FH Joanneum Graz, where he started teaching. Installations and videos en gros are anticipated to arrive from the province.

A novelty this year will be our use of Museumsquartier's courtyard outside Freiraum (authorization pending) - we plan to have a container sitting out there for the whole week, with exhibit inside and a visible sign of ROBĂ–XOTICA in the vast compound from the outside.
There will also be a manrobot-sized version of the board-game Ricochet Robot performed in the courtyard, orchestrated by eSeL.

Oh, and Sergey's Alcotron, the Russian Bar Roulette, has successfully been tested at our Freudbot-presentation at WerkzeugH yesterday.
(Video link)

The dorkbot-SF-appearance of El Espanol Borracho was followed up with a field test at the Suicide Robotics Center - of which Violet Blue has two hot videos online: One, Two. And this photoset on flickr.

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