Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Upcoming SMS-Bot action!

With Sergey Teterin, the text-messaging bots' creator, in town (see post below) we will start by presenting the SMS-bot project and Freudbot in particular this Friday, November 3rd, at local radio Orange 94.0, in the netwatcher-show, airing 1pm.
We will officially launch the Austrian telephone-number for Freudbot's service - the beta is using a russian number (which will keep working, it might just be more convenient/cheaper for locals to have a local number).

Saturday Nov. 4th we will have a TinkerTank-workshop at metalab (starting around 5pm), where we will focus on the cocktail-conversation bot that will be officially presented at ROBOEXOTICA, Dec. 5th-10th .

Next Thursday Nov. 9th follows the official launching event for Vienna Freudbot at WerkzeugH, with Oskar Fischer giving us some local sound support. Opening 7pm.

The photos below depict the nice T-shirt Sergey had printed for his popular (russian only) Handy Warhol Bot - made in Uzbekistan! Freudbot-shirts will be available at WerkzeugH.

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