Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 8.0 - 4th Category

Robotic Smoking Culture: The winner is ... WERP_bot - made in Rotterdam by two Austrians: Gordan Savicic and Leo Peschta.

The bot successfully threw cigarettes into visitors' mouths all through the 6 days of ROBOEXOTICA 2006, aided by facial recognition technology.
The original idea of a cigarette throwing robot even prompted the ACRA's judges to rename the category from previously "Lighting Cigarettes" to "Robotic Smoking Culture and Lighting Fires".
The bot automatically scanned it's field of vision for mouths and triggered by a double clap of hands it started it's fascinating catapulting mechanism.
A real improvement for those who "forgot" to bring their own cigarettes and already bummed from everyone around!

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