Thursday, December 14, 2006


What a bummr! A day or so before this year's ROBOEXOTICA started I upgraded my account at one of the photo-sharing sites I'm using.
I chose Flickr, because several of the people involved in this year's event have Flickr-accounts and were going to share their roboexotic photos there.
Thought it would be nice to add all my shots to the great pool of roboexotica-tagged photos by people like Violet Blue and ioerror, local friends like Tea610 and lebard's photos from the remote tribute-to-Roboexotica party in Kaiserslautern.

But as it turns out, my photos don't show up in the list of everyone's photos tagged roboexotica!
Because my account is marked NIPSA (Not In Public Site Areas).
"If the images you're uploading either (i) aren't photos, or (ii) are images you've found on the web, stock photos, celebrity photos, stuff that appears to be copyrighted by someone else, screenshots, content that's inappropriate for public areas or full frontal nudity, your account will be marked NIPSA."
So the ROBĂ–XOTICA flyer and program-folder are THE problem?
Oh yes. Yup, those are non-photos: "Flickr is a website for you to use to share your photos."
Mkay, so I switch those non-photos to "private" and you will consider re-evaluating my account and possibly turn it to IPSA (?) again?
Eventually, yes.
Thanks! Wish I had read and taken seriously Flickr's FAQ earlier. Would have upgraded my 23-account instead!

Update: Actually I just turned the photos to "public" again - Flickr support told me it would be sufficient to use the option "hide from public searches" for the images of the flyer and folder. So that's what I did - hopefully my roboexotica-photos will turn up in searches sometime soon!
Thanks to Flickr-support for being actually there and responding through humans! This is not to be taken for granted in this world we call Web2.0 (ever tried to get in touch with YouTube-support?).

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