Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Cocktailrobotic Homage to Hermann Nitsch

Kal Spelletich being a great fan of Austrian Aktionismus, in particular Nitsch, it was only natural for him to be reminded of Nitsch's Sch├╝ttbilder, when regarding the stains his Vino Viper was producing as a side-effect of human deficiencies at work trying to pour/blow red wine into a cup with it.
Thus the necessity of having a canvas catch some of the spillings and remain as a witness was evident and I happened to have this 30x30cm one at home and brought it to be painted on by the Viper on Dec. 9th, at the height of the ROBOEXOTICA festival.

Watch Kal talk about the painting here.
Video of the Viper in action here.

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