Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cocktailrobotic Revolution Underway

Tom Heike's Robofriend wasn't very lucky at ROBOEXOTICA 2006 - after arriving late due to health problems (of the human of course!) there were massive problems with the WiFi(s) in Freiraum on which Robofriend relies ... So the charming drink-serving bot remained a static display during the event.
BUT the more sensational piece Tom had brought wasn't supposed to be working yet at all - the version 2 of Robofriend, that will fit the same wheeled platform and similar body , but will be able to mix drinks on the move, thus being the first mobile mixing cocktailrobot worldwide! And he's got icecubes on board as well!

I really can't exaggerate how much I am looking forward to seeing Robofriend2 becoming my robo-friend #1!

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