Saturday, February 10, 2007

TinkerTank Special - Feb 28th

This time our tinkering meet-up will deal with the analog matter of Martinis.
Titled "Networking and Synergy Among Alcoholic Liquids" the workshop takes into account that a perfect cocktail is determined not (only) by the mixer's technical knowledge and expert execution thereof but also very importantly by individual preferences on the consumer's side.

Consequently the two hours will be dedicated to explore the various possible variations of the most common Martinis.

TinkerTank Special
QDK - quartier21 - Museumsquartier Wien
WED Feb 28th - 7pm-9pm

Signing up is recommended but probably not necessary. There will be a charge of €10 as a contribution towards expenses (50% discount for cocktailroboticists).


bereweber said...

good luck on the event :)
damn, now i want a cocktail
and i want it prepared & served by a robot...

Anonymous said...

the day after: terrible headache, my stomache is feeling like a scree ...

magnus said...

i felt pretty shaky when i got home last night - had to have some bratwurst at 1am ..
and after a long sleep i'm relatively alive again ;)