Monday, March 26, 2007

RobotChallenge - Report

This saturday, ROBOEXOTICA-agents did a little talent-scouting at Vienna's RobotChallenge (after all Tom Heike was "discovered" at RobotChallenge 2005: and just see what he's up to).
... And found this 25 year old household robot which's care-taker accepted an invitation to ROBOEX07ICA -
in this hi-res pic you can see HERO-1's specs!
"Motorola 6808 ... 895kHz ... 4K RAM ...
... Speech Accessory: synthesized phonem based system"
(Like RoboMoji, HERO-1 was presented as part of the Freestyle Exhibition)

All in all it was quite encouraging to see how local youth is embracing robotics as something to create fun stuff with - I'm sure some of these kids will grow up to be fine cocktail-roboticists!

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