Monday, April 23, 2007

RoboGames - June 15-17

The annually held world's largest open robot competition features a participants blogroll, where I just left the first entry for Team ROBOEXOTICA.

The RoboGames host an awful lot of different categories, among them 8 Sumo classes, 11 Combat categories, Androids, Firefighting, just to mention a very few of over 70.
And of course Bartending as a sub-category of Artbots. In this category the previous years have not seen a lot of competition, last year the only bartending bots were those of the RoboGames' organizers, David Calkins and Simone Davalos. (The year before - even worse.)
But this year Team ROBOEXOTICA will kick metallic bottoms and crush them!

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