Monday, May 21, 2007

Maker Faire was a Blast

I would think that many many of the expected 35000 visitors now know about cocktail-robotics ...
Maker Faire seems to be quite popular - the family running the grocery store at the corner from where chris+i are staying went - the son was there both days.
And i can understand that too - I could have spent both days checking out the awesome creations shown at the Faire ...

The video above shows Lance Greathouse confessing his desire to be part of ROBOEXOTICA 2007 - and we met a couple more people who might be coming to future ROBOEXOTICAs. In that respect Maker Faire was a great success - this was definitely a crowd (both makers and visitors) who seemed to appreciate the concept of cocktail-robotics!

And we met people we knew as revered guests at ROBOEXOTICA - Douglas Repetto, Karen Marcello, Jake Appelbaum, Jonathan Moore ... and of course David Fine, who was involved in the creation of ACRA-winning External Combustion Engine but didn't make it to Vienna last year and who will be at RoboGames in June with an improved version.

Karen invited Chris and me to talk about cocktail-robotics this Wednesday at the Dorkbot meeting, at "Porn Palace" on 415 Jessie, SF ...
we will be demonstrating Chris's latest invention - the MindReadingMartiniMaker.

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