Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bartending Robot Competition Growing

In the upcoming RoboGames' bartending category, there will be a yet unseen amount of competition!

If you subtract Gastone, who will be disqualified for not mixing (we should have read the rules and registered him as a kinetic artbot), Cockbot One, Chapek, El Espanol Borracho and the External Combustion Engine, there remain two yet unknown entries - brand-new creations, one of which will be applying bio-chemical lab equipment.

I'm excited to say I can't be sure to bring home a medal with me to Vienna with good olde Cockbot One, in service for almost 8 years.

In Cockbot's favor though - he's got the charms ...
... and has served as the bartending robot poster-child on RoboGames own web-page as long as the category exists!

(Photo by Chris Veigl: Cockbot One at MakerFaire)

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