Thursday, June 28, 2007

Videotochka Screening

Tonight Vienna saw a screening of Sergey Teterin's Video-Gallery Videotochka at MUSA - Museum auf Abruf ...
It was a very mixed and at times surprising line-up of short-movies and clips.

Opening with Archeopterix' Prometheus - a video which leaves some lasting impression of the guy with the burning walenki (traditional russian felt boots) on his head, but the german text was barely comprehensible, so I don't think I can say anything of that registered.
Orbita's three clips come across as colorful and especially New Year Hysteria could almost double as a music-video.
The black and white short Environment by Poberezhnik / Borisow regards the Siberia metropole Perm through a dark tint, while the work of St. Petersburg Anna Kolosova seems to be heavily influenced or referring to the visual art associated with club-culture.
Sergey Belov's Creativity is a "motion picture" in that sense that Belov is a photographer by trade and shot a typical motif with a "motion picture camera".
A video by CAT (Contemporary Art Terrorism) documents the group's largely ignored distribution of biohazard warning stickers in public spaces accompanied by Einstuerzende Neubauten sound.
The brilliant Boris Kazakov works with found footage from the soviet era, drawing on the film, creating a wild mix of animation and film and with decent electronic sound going with it.
The infamous Blue Noses group contributed their video Death in Venice to the collection, their hilarious entry for the Venice Biennale 2006.
Alina & Jeff Blumis are showing two videos - Art-Ministry, a portrait of the Russian artist-duo Komar & Melamid and Ernst a monologue by Russian artist Ernst Neizvestny.
Andrey Ustinov's Expulsion from Paradise finally could be considered some more funny Russian actionism video art.

Concluding the screening, before the buffet was opened Sergey Teterin demonstrated his Movie Mincer, a soviet-era meat mincer upgraded to "play" video - forward and backward, faster and slower, according to the mincing motion.

The Videotochka collection can be downloaded as an .iso file here!

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