Monday, November 12, 2007


quartier 21's Aritist in Residence program hosts two of this year's participants - monochrom (who rent an office in q21 and are eligible to name a portion of the AiRs) have invited Make: Magazine's Bre Pettis and David Fine, who has had his hands in one of last year's ACRA-winners - the External Combustion Engine.

"What makes the Artist-in-Residence program of quartier21 so unusual is that in keeping with its broad understanding of art and culture it is not limited to fine art, but is also open to artists who often have no other access to studio programs, including media and sound artists, fashion designers, art theorists and critics, DJs, game designers, photographers, and filmmakers."

Coinciding with ROBOEXOTICA's opening on 22nd, the new AiRbase space will be inaugurated - it's the small room behind the bar inside Freiraum, which has been used by ROBOEXOTICA before.

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