Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funding Your Robot

Suicidebots has a link to an article on how to fund your robot project on a page called Society of Robots ...
Covering dumpster diving and "begging like a hobo" it also has tips like:
"Yeap, companies are itching to give stuff away for free. Basically if you work at a company, and are working on a prototype, parts manufacturer companies want you to sample their parts in an effort to convince you to use them again for mass production. But I seriously doubt this is your case. But hey, why not apply for free samples, have them shipped to your 'company,' and tell them it is for a 'prototype' robot. Obviously this system can be abused, ruining it for everyone, so I won't tell you which companies are good victims. But it is usually the manufacturer of the part. ..."

The site has also other interesting sections including a forum and countless helpful informations, so have a look for the sake of your robots!

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