Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Roboexotic-US - A Call for Roboticists

ROBOEXOTICA - the festival for Cocktail-Robotics - is inviting you to bring your contraptions to our first US exhibit/cocktail-party/mini-festival, if it shows any of these behavior patterns:
- serving drinks
- mixing drinks
- activities in smoking culture
- bar conversation
- other achievements that fit into the sector of 21st century cocktail culture

Opening: may 10 8pm / 354 5th st. san francisco

For details or to participate please contact
dcalkins[AT] or magnus[AT]

... and if you don't have cocktail-robots to bring ... bring your friends!

PS: Finally I will get to see Chassis by Al Honig and Jon Foote!
And imagine my delight when a guy walked up to the ROBOEXOTICA booth at Maker Faire and asked if he could bring his cocktail-robot to show at Roboexotic-US.
Also showing: David Calkins, Simone Davalos, Anthony Fudd, Chris Veigl, monochrom, CTP, ... and more!

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