Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roboexotic-US Opening

Yesterday night - finally - I had a chance to see Chassis serving beer (Al Honig, one of the creators informed me it's easily possible to serve pre-mixed cocktails) ... beautiful Chassis! Sprung right out of a 50s science fiction fantasy he rolled about and poured people delicious beer. And communicated via a human operator, who lent the service robot's performance during the evening an even more crowd pleasing quality.

For the bestest photo shots turn to Scott Beale's Laughing Squid blog and follow the links to flickr!

Another novelty for me to see was Anthony Fudd's Lego Shot Bot which served two alternative shot drinks, but could also be made to mix a drink from two ingredients. I talked with Anthony about avenues for the future regarding cooling and mobility and got the impression he might be eager to join the competition of cocktail-roboticists called Annual Cocktail Robot Awards ...

Finally, here's a short notice on yesterday's Wired blog - with promises of more photos today ...

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