Sunday, February 15, 2009

FUCK the music industry

(or at least the part going after youtube uploads)
I am using fould language on this blog for the first time (as far as I recall) to comment on the ongoing disabling of youtube videos on behalf of retarded, anally retentive, copyright-abusing music companies.
A) It has been pointed out by far more competent people than me that it does not hurt sales to have fan-uploaded music clips on youtube, so I don't appreciate it if a music video I have favorited is suddenly unavailable.
B) Much less I appreciate when a video I have uploaded, which documents a party in Second Life and which's acoustic atmosphere (the atmo as we call it in the trade) consists largely of the music the DJ happens to be playing, gets muted. This seems to have been action taken by youtube without intervention from outside, it seems their AI found matching patterns in the sound track or something and youtube took pre-emptive action, something we call "vorauseilender Gehorsam" in german and which as a mentality helped the Nazis assume power and perpetrate their crimes greatly.
C) I do absolutely not appreciate nor understand or think it somehow excusable when a video-documentation about the first virtual strike, held by IBM workers in Second Life gets pulled. I don't even recall any music in that video, but undoubtedly there was some used. "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG." WMG ... Warner Music Group? FUCK them.

Let me close my protest with a music video by some folks who I hope will be happy having the world watch their work ... an optimistic view into the future when human idiocy will be extinct:

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