Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Stimulus Package for California

Click here to lend your support to: RoboexoticUS 2009 and make a donation at !Help Austrian Cocktailrobots travel to the US and provide Californians with a cerebral stimulus package in spring 2009! Donate now with paypal or CC.

Austrians have a 10 year tradition of building cocktail-mixing and serving robots, like this one, or that.
And robots with other achievements in the sector of modern cocktail-culture, like this one, or that.

We (the people doing the annual Cocktailrobotics-festival ROBOEXOTICA since 1999) want to bring a couple of the local pieces (and their makers) over to San Francisco's Bay Area, so that Californians too can enjoy a rich cocktailrobotic environment. By now we can look back on two years of successful roboexotic ventures overseas: 2007 we sent our emissaries to Maker Faire and Robogames, where Chris Veigl's Cockbot One won Gold in the bartending robots category. 2008 Roboexotica was present at Maker Faire again and for the first time we held a dedicated cocktail-robotics event in SF (very much evoking memories of the early years at VEKKS)... the Roboexotic-US, a cooperation with the makers of Robogames who had been regulars at Roboexotica with their own award winning bots for a while.

This year we also have a book to promote: the catalogue we published last december commemorating 10 years of Roboexotica, featuring texts by participants like Karen Marcello, Cory Doctorow, Douglas Repetto, Kal Spelletich and others.

If we get around $1000,- we’ll be able to send an emissary to promote cocktailrobotic values, represent Austrian efforts in the field and carry a few books with him or her.

Between 2000,- and 5000,- will provide for a scalable delegation with robots being sent over.

>5000,- means we can seriously consider sending Robomoji, which we have been debating. Fact remains shipping of this collossus will need some serious sponosorage.

Thank you very much for helping us help you get intoxicated stimulated!


magnus said...

Maker Faire is on the last weekend in May -
and if we can raise the funds necessary a Roboexotic-US event would most likely be following in early June ... before the Robogames, which will be held mid-June-ish.

magnus said...

... so a best-case scenario would cover all three events, but showing up at either Maker Faire or Robogames would do as a minimal appearance.