Monday, June 29, 2009

Cocktail-Robotic Growth & Progression

Appeal for Money!
As bartending robots become more efficient every year in developments around the globe, it becomes more and more important to uphold the values that make a true “Cocktail Robot”. An abstract concept that has been approached and exemplified for the last decade by a transatlantic mix of innovative and at the same time sensual minds from many walks of life, including but not limited to artists and techies.

The Vienna festival Roboexotica has played a crucial role in inspiring and stimulating constant efforts in bringing forth original and classy contraptions that truely add to a cultivated environment. Moderate arts grants have guaranteed that with many hours of free labor added, an annual platform for the intoxicating results of more free labor by enthusiasts from around the world could be organized.

However additional sources of money need to be sought – in order to keep up with the ever-growing expectations we ourselves but more importantly those of our regular international contributors and visitors bear towards the Roboexotica festival and which are raised in onlookers over internet and old media. Every year there are more interesting projects that need help paying for travelling costs. Every year we need more qualified assistance during the event which can’t be received for free. With increasing number of projects and use of varying venues, the number of surprise costs increases … I could go on.Click here to lend your support to: Cocktail-Robotic Growth & Progression and make a donation at !

Is Cocktail Robotics in general endangered?
No. Not if you get in touch right away and find out how you can hire one of the cocktail robots in your neighborhood for your next show opening / wedding / rocket launch.
The Roboexotica festival though is in a phase of transition.
It is not clear at this point what form the event will take this year nor is the date confirmed yet.
Changes are discussed for the future – like moving the event to a friendlier time of the year than Nov/Dec. The future being discussed means there will be a future.
Maybe in your hometown, if you pledge 30.000,- right now!

(smaller donations welcome to help feed the caffeine addiction of the humans involved)


10.000,- by Oct. 2009 Roboexotica 2009
2.000,- by April 2010 Robogames 2010 Bartending competition
5.000,- by April 2010 Roboexotic-US event
25.000,- by June 2010 Roboexotica 2010 (if majority of contributions from overseas, meaning US in this case, Roboexotica will be held in San Francisco)
10.000,- by Dec. 2010 for stipends and development projects

By donating before Oct. 2009 you could help the following US cocktail roboticists realize their projects in Vienna: Sam Coniglio, Stuart Ferguson, Evil Mad Scientist Lab, Simone Davalos, David Calkins, Christopher T. Palmer, Mitch Heinrich and others!

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