Saturday, July 03, 2010

Barfly / was: VEKKS-Gondel

After Chris V. heroically repairing it from it's test run two weeks ago until deep into the night before, Barfly had another run delivering flying cocktails at VEKKS yesterday night.
Despite numerous fixes described to me by Chris's in-house deputy-electrician Steve, the delivery to crash (not literally gladly!) ratio was about 1:1 around midnight when I left (quite un-barfly like) to get some good night's rest.
I hope the re-building of this ancient cocktail robot continues to make good progress so this convenient method of drink delivery can gain some popularity among Vienna's night owls once again.

The Barfly flying cocktail delivery system has been operating in the years 2000 and following under the name of VEKKS Gondel or the Gondola and is being revived under the supervision of cocktail robotics veteran Chris Veigl.

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