Monday, February 18, 2013

Roboexotica 2012 happened! It was great.

This blog may have been offline for a few months - including December, when Roboexotica went down for the fourteenth time.
About time for an overview of the ACRA winners.

Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 14.0:
  1. Cocktail Serving: T.R.E.E. by Marcel Jira, Peter Regner, Jakob Unterwurzacher, Anna Vasof (which, I'm told, is being upgraded for mixing)
  2. Cocktail Mixing: MELMACC by Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller (repeat winner, this one! showed off new features)
  3. Conversation and Interaction: Dancingularity feat. Drinkularity by Kokoromi (a multimedia dance installation that mixed drinks for the DJ and VJ)
  4. Smoking Culture: not awarded in 2012 (*sad face*)
  5. Cocktail Culture: Phenokistomixer by Vesna Krebs and Borut Kumperščak(visuals / virtual cocktails)
  6. 3D Printed Paraphernalia: metalab RepRap by metalab (live-printed cigarette holder rings)
  7. Bar food: Amalettomat by Zwax (vastly improved since when it debuted the year before)
  8. Bar gamification: Fluzl by FH Joanneum students (like the winner of cat. 9 this one let two players compete for a mixed drink)
  9. Minor friendliness: KiBaRo by Robert Martin (let kids compete playing foosball for a healthy drink of mixed fruits)
  10. Most deadly machine award: Reverse Miracle by Veronika Krenn, Oliver Kellow (for leaving a bare 220V current exposed)
  11. Lime award: Cocks Bar by Eder Johannes, Huber Oliver, Leder Norbert, Moser Harald (this otherwise brilliant robot was tainted by (ironic?) sexist images used in UI. the creators promised betterment)
On Roboexotica's facebook page you will find photos and video of the event. If you don't already, "like" it to stay updated on all things roboexotic.


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