Saturday, March 11, 2006

RobotChallenge 2006: done

Gaston made us proud today (x), insofar as he did reach the finish line - twice. delivering Irish Coffee rather than longdrinks as the parallel slalom started at 10am.
He wasn't the slowest either! a real nice drilling bot from bratislava was best in being slow. others lost the track and went astray, but not our Gaston.
Sumo was quite a "disaster". i think only one fight was won by a robot pushing the other off. the other fights either timed out, or unlucky bots rolled/fell off the platform on their own.
Tom Heike was there, although without a bot - he failed to finish his bot in time for the puck collecting challenge.

It was a fun surprise to meet Karl Piswanger who presented the show, who i hadn't met in ages, but who i know from when we were 16yr. old punks - he works for the main sponsor of RobotChallenge, BRZ (which literally translates to federal computing center). he is just the guy to present a robot sumo event - especially in the abovementioned circumstances!

... Lots of cameras around. ORF (state TV) and PulsTV (local vienna TV) were there, hungarian press ...
and we too collected hours of video-material to be used for broadcast on Okto Community TV.

my mobile pics (and fotostory) on 23hq

(x) actually it also made me pretty proud how much fotografed he got and people really appreciating the ROBOEXOTICA-spirit we tried to transport to the event by bringing Gaston - so at least we didn't get up that early for nothing!

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