Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weird wearable robot: The Parasitic Humanoid

"The Parasitic Humanoid (PH) is a wearable robot for modeling nonverbal human behavior. This anthropomorphic robot senses the behavior of the wearer and has the internal models to learn the process of human sensory motor integration continuously, thereafter it begins to predict the next behavior of the wearer using the learned models. When the reliability of the prediction is sufficient, the PH outputs the errors from the actual behavior as a request for motion to the wearer. Through symbiotic interaction, the internal model and the process of human sensory motor integration approximate each other asymptotically." (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)

"The Parasitic Humanoid consists of over 100 input sensors for body position, eye movement, audio and visual sensors. There are sensors mounted to the fingernails that can measure the pressure applied by the finger. The computations are done on a seperate computer. The robot controls the human through stimulators.
Oscillators in the soles of the shoes can control the walking rate.
Galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) electrically stimulates the inner ear control of balance and motion. When stimulated the GVS transducers make the human automatically turn in the desired direction." (Robot Gossip)

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