Saturday, July 22, 2006

Electromagnetic Fun (for beginners)

When I browsed today, to have a look at the next magnets to order, I noticed this article linked to from the front page - about The Simplest Electric Motor in the World ...

With only an AA battery, a piece of wire, a screw and one magnet you can re-create this experiment from a 2004 article in Physik in unserer Zeit, which had fascinated the people at
Disc magnets are recommend but also more complex structures made of magnets are depicted working ... and "It worked the best when we used a magnet with a diameter of at least 8 mm and a height of at least 3 mm. It definitely is more fun to do this experiment with the larger magnets than with smaller ones."

... [one minute passes] ...

WOOT! It works. Even I could make it work with one of my strong square magnets!

I'm sure I'll let that enter into one of the magnetic latex sculptures, I'm currently making -
for one of which I will have to take another electromagnetic challenge - to make the electromagnet I bought on eBay for 1€ work!

Update: Here's a short video of my recreation using an extra magnet instead of my finger to hold wire on top of the battery -

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