Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sci-Fi Stories

Until August 20th the exhibit Sci-Fi Stories, in which's realization three of my ROBOEXOTICA co-conspirators (Johannes Grenzfurthner and G√ľnther Friesinger of monochrom, who are currently in America, having performed at Hope6, the NY hacker convention, where a speaker got arrested by FBI ... and Thomas Ballhausen of Filmarchiv Austria, who is responsible for ROBOEXOTICA's exquisite movie screenings) played a role, will be open at Freiraum, Museumsquartier Wien.

Among other useful information like why Space Art needs it's own museum, we learn that science-fiction fan Osama bin Laden has named his genltlemen's club after Isaac Asimov's Foundation-trilogy which was translated into Arabian as "al-Qaida".

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