Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Videotochka: Gallery pays visitors to view video-art

I haven't got hold of an english version of the press release (which I got in german), but I'll update this post accordingly as soon as that is the case ...
Fact is the Gallery for Contemporary Art in Perm, Russia, is paying visitors to watch video-art by russian artists.

Sergey Teterin, the initiator of Videotochka, thinks this is just appropriate as people's attention is getting more and more valuable and dealing with the concepts of contemporary art is demanding ever more effort from the audience.

The program is financed as a part of "Perm as Culture Capital of the Volga Region" and will be maintained thru october.

Russian Info

Update: after checking with Sergey, I am right now translating the press-release from german to english ... This is the V 1.0-doc V 2.0-doc and as PDF.

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