Thursday, August 17, 2006

Featured Cocktailrobot: Cockbot One

All week I was looking for a photograph of Cockbot One from 1999, I know of a b/w Polaroid that is somewhere amidst my chaos.
Finally I had to settle for a still from the video on which you can see the great difference discerning the '99 version from the later set-up: the rotating plate hosts the glass and the bottles are placed around, so the glass travels from ingredient to ingredient - whereas now the bottles have their own rotating platform and the glass stands still, while the liquids are poured.

The Cockbot One remains a fragile apparatus, which needs a lot of maintenance - of course industrial parts have never been part of the concept.
When Chris Veigl designed and built the robot he had a slim budget which allowed for the most basic electronic components needed, but the mechanical build-up is mainly what was at hand.
This and the fact that Cockbot One has been adorned with elegant decoration since still make him an eyecatcher at annual ROBĂ–XOTICA.

Update: How could I forget to include the video?!

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