Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BrainBay Updates

BrainBay is a Bio- and Neurofeedback Application, designed to work with the OpenEEG Hardware ModularEEG and MonolithEEG, which provide an affordable open source EEG-hardware to DIY.
It supports Human-Computer-Interface functions and the NeuroServer Software Framework to transmit live recordings via Internet / LAN.
BrainBay is a part of the OpenEEG project and provides graphical + musical feedback and feedback-games.

In other words the free GNU-licensed software offers a whole range of possibilities to play around with the sensory and optical data collected by low-cost biofeedback-equipment, including brainwave-feedback, or webcam.
Make music, visuals or remote-control devices or even robots.

Started in 2003 the open-source Brainbay project is developed by SHIFZ's Chris Veigl and Jeremy Wilkerson.
With the 1.0 Version being out since end of July, Chris has followed up with the improved 1.1 Version and publishing a Usermanual and Developermanual in both html- and pdf-versions.

Chris's interest in medical signal processing began forming when working with the Waverider biofeedback EEG we used for music-making in the second half of the 1990. Back then he wrote another layer of software for the device which allowed for a more complex sound composition.
Chris went on to take courses at the medical U to combine with his study of computer science. When he came across the OpenEEG project he realized this would offer an affordable opportunity for artists to work with the medium as well as providing low-cost helper-devices for the medically challenged.

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