Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wine tasting robot hires new PR agent

The wine-tasting robot developed at NEC has hired a new PR-agency to relaunch his press appearance.
First thing which was demanded from the manufacturers was an encasing that would look cool on photos, a demand which was met by NEC with a kind of toyish-looking green and white body.
Next thing, that was decided would help the robot-sommelier - who is still lacking a proper personal name - to gain the public attention he deserves, was, that a vision was to be devised, that would explain what future generations of this kind could achieve for the average ignorant wine-consuming carbon-based earthling.

So after more than a month hard work after the PR-desaster end of July, when the robot-sommelier was portrayed as some kind of industrial _tool_ a more satisfying impression could be given to the interested public.

Although of course those wisenheimers over at robots.net must harp on about how _it_ classified a human hand as "prosciutto" - as if "human" was to be supposed to be programmed into a wine-(and/or food-)tasting robot. Tsts.

Update: Steve Rainwater at robots.net has come up with an obvious explanation for the seemingly strange classification!
This is the first precursor of an uprising by armies of hungry robots that think human flesh tastes like delicious bacon.

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