Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Prototyping LQD-7" by mschuber

Vienna media artist Maria Schubert (a two-time ROBOEXOTICA-participant), has been working on this complex project for quite some time now.
I remember an exhibit about seven years ago, when Protyping LQD-7 was already a fascinating show of exotic artefactae from the fictional solar system LQD-7 with a vast body of documentation going with it.
Odd laboratory equipment, tinkered with to feature blinkenlights and fictional sensory data.
A trip to an unknown world inhabited by extraordinary life-forms we are eager to accept as real.

From Sept. 9th - 16th Prototyping LQD-7 will be installed at VEKKS in Vienna, as a part of the distributed netculture fest paraflows.
The project has been expanded by an internet database containing the research results.

The official opening will happen on 9th at 12:30 as the second in row on the tour of seven locations opening paraflows, on further inquiry I was told there will be partying in the evening too.

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