Friday, September 08, 2006

ROBOEXOTICA 2006 Symposium: Dreams of Regulation

Fresh from the scholarly treadmills comes the english version of the text summing up what this year's symposium will be about - Dreams of Regulation:

"The dream of a universal or an interdisciplinary science is an old idea that is continually arising anew. Despite, or precisely because of, the increasing specialization of the sciences, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have brought forth numerous visions of a new interdisciplinary science transcending the limitations of traditional science's mechanistic and analytic thinking. ...
... technosciences like cybernetics, chaos theory and artificial life research gave up their individual "identity" as independent fields of knowledge. Cybernetics, for instance, was influential during the 1960s in a wide variety of areas - from medicine, (molecular) biology, pedagogy, political science, sociology and philosophy to traffic planning and artificial intelligence. Today almost no one speaks of cybernetics, but its theorems and products remain present in many fields.

Link: doc / pdf

The symposium is part of the annual Cocktailrobotics-festival ROBOEXOTICA, Dec. 5th-9th in Vienna's Museumsquartier.


bereweber said...

this is very neat
i LOVE the ROBOEXOTICA concept

they promised me one in USA though... i am waiting!!!

good luck in December, can't wait to see the photos/read the robo-adventures

magnus said...

muchos gracias!
we sincerely hope to get some bots across the ocean rather sooner than later ;)