Thursday, September 21, 2006

ROBOEXOTICA extern - Berlin, Sept. 31st

If you make it in time, you are invited to our ROBOEXOTICA-extern fete extraordinaire taking place on Sept 31st 2006 in Berlin.
We have teamed up with a couple of cocktailrobotic friends and meet at Tacheles Extern in Berlin-Mitte's Johannisstrasse 6 - all from 12a.m. thru 12p.m. - to celebrate the beauty of imaginary/secret holidays and prematurely realized science-fiction.
It will be an exciting day for all of us: nurschrec will power up their mind-controlling AI and we will test all kinds of new drugs in the free drinks the cocktailrobots will be serving. There will be petting zoos for all ages and the gogo-dancers are all graduated rocket-scientists.

But actually we would be quite glad to welcome some visitors at our pre-show event on Sept. 30th too! (Or Oct. 1st, which also really exists)

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bereweber said...

Berlin is too far, but can't wait to participate on an USA event

Best of lucks on this new Roboexotica event!