Saturday, September 30, 2006

Technology Night

Yesterday at the Technikmuseum Berlin, where a couple cocktailrobots from ROBOEXOTICA were mixing and smoking at an event called Technology Night, I had my first taste of nitrogen-kitchen.
They didn't go too fancy, offering two kinds of mousse, of which a spoonful was lowered into a transparent container with liquid nitrogen. This way the treat had a frosty outer shell and was still liquid inside.
Time to go looking for nitrogen in Vienna and try out some more interesting stuff!

On the cocktailrobotic side of the event which was part of a weeklong meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commision (which turned 100 this year), it has to be said the bots were highly appreciated by the audience.
Cockbot One and Robomoji both showed off their new ice-dispensers, alas Gesundheit broke down and was out of order (but still looked nice).

Today and tomorrow the cocktailrobots are shown at Tacheles extern, before they will return to Vienna.

Update, Oct. 2nd: Videos will follow later this week, here's the first: clip of nitrogen-mousse ...
here's Robomoji filmed by Stefan ...
and here's a potpourri of cocktailrobots (longer version with museal atmo).

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