Monday, September 25, 2006

Rolling, Rolling Robot

Originally designed for Mars exploration, this swedish sphere is going to be marketed for automated patrolling of large areas and teleoperated surveillance and inspection at remote and / or dangerous sites.
Rotundus the robot is suited for rough terrain, handling snow, mud, sand and water. It can travel 10km/h fast.

"A critical property of a spherical robot is how close the centre of mass is to its shell - the closer the more power."
The principles of the technology used to locomote the spherical robot is shown in an animation on the manufacturer's page.


I have to admire this elegant design! Those Swedes! I want one as soon as they figured out how it can serve a drink round bot too with those principles of locomation at work!
Maybe, with a compartment in it for a drink that would be shaken during delivery?

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