Saturday, October 14, 2006

Announcing Upcoming Guest-Blogger

I am happy to announce that Sergey Teterin, father of SMS-bots project / Russian media artist, has accepted the invitation to post on SHIFZ-Blog during his upcoming stay in Vienna.
Sergey might start posting even before he arrives on Nov. 1st, for instance about his russian-speaking SMS-bot Warholbot, but I don't want to antedate anything here - actually I'd be interested in hearing about anything he usually blogs about in the nice to look at, but (for myself) unintelligible Cyrillic on Livejournal.

Sergey will stay until after ROBOEXOTICA, of which he is by now a regular participant. During November he will be helping promote the Vienna SMS-Bot project like at a Freudbot-presentation, which is scheduled for Nov. 9th at WerkzeugH.
We will also be preparing another cooperation which we want to do next year - Videotochka.

Oh and like myself, Sergey is a big Spongebob-fan - so, are you ready? Are you ready? Are you?

(Thx for the c r a z y pic, Sergey! Definitely want to see more of that here!)

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